School Fees £3600 GBP / $4750 USD per annum

Full lower school curriculum 10 subjects - 13 taught lessons every week -

over 480 taught lessons per annum!


Full upper school curriculum 9 subjects - up to 20 taught lessons every week -

over 700 taught lessons per annum!


Sixth form college - up to 3 A Levels (get one A Level FREE) over 200 taught

lessons per annum - (up to 74 lessons per A Level). Students typically need 3 A Levels to enter UK Universities.


Easy payment plan available Just £299 GBP / $395 USD per month! >>








Request an invoice for payment of school fees >>

Top Teachers + Top Grades = a Top University & a Great Life!

Very limited school places each year - Register now!

If you are not in a position to pay school fees then perhaps our sister company's range of self-study online courses can help

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