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AS and A Level Music OCR H543

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Specification: OCR H543



The OCR Music AS/A Level course is designed to inspire the musicians of the future. Confidence, skills nd understanding of music will be developed to the point that students will be able progress to study BA (Hons) Music at University.



Teacher assessments are continuous during LIVE TAUGHT lessons, marking of coursework and assignments and summative tests.



Homework will be given at the end of each week, usually in the form of problems to solve, researching key concepts and practising playing music.



Students and parents have 24 /7 access to all rcoursework and teacher feedback/grades.

The Teacher

Patrick Gazard: BA Hons, PGCE, LLCM, DipABRSM


Patrick Gazard is a freelance musician and teacher who has been closely involved with music

education for over 25 years. He is a former secondary school music teacher, including 12 years as

Head of Music in a Performing Arts Specialist school, and has also been the Secondary Curriculum

Excellence Advisor for Buckinghamshire. Patrick is a pianist, singer and percussionist, and is

currently the Operational Lead for High Wycombe Music Centre, where he directs three groups:

Senior Big Band, Junior Orchestra and Stage Voices. He has taught GCSE and A level music for

many years and across a number of different boards both in schools and as a private tutor.

He prides himself on his eclectic approach to music, being equally happy in Bach or Bacharach:

his specialisms are jazz and musical theatre.

Patrick is an award-winning music education author having written three books, the most recent of

which is ‘Being a Head of Music: a Survival Guide’ which was nominated for ‘Best Music Education

Product’ at the Music Teacher Magazine Awards 2018. He is also a professional composer and

arranger, currently working for Glee Club UK as a vocal and track arranger.

Patrick is based in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire and is married with two teenage children.


I look forward to supporting your learning!




The course will follow the current OCR H543 AS and A Level specification.

The course will be based on the textbook recommended for the OCR AS and A Level (see below to purchase before attending your first class).

This specification is well-regarded among colleges and universities due to its integrated structure allowing learners to grasp the interconnection of all aspects of Music practice and appreciation, and thereby giving a firm basis from which to springboard on to a Music Degree and beyond.

Course Units:


AS Units


Unit G351: Performing Music 1 120 marks OCR-assessed Practical Examination (visiting examiner)


Section A: Recital: solo (maximum 8 minutes) 60 marks


Section B: Discussion (Viva voce) (approximately 5 minutes) 20 marks


Section C: Further Performing: one of


• performing on a second instrument (maximum 4 minutes)


• further performance on the recital instrument in an ensemble or duet or as an accompaniment (maximum 4 minutes)


• performing own composition (maximum 4 minutes)


• improvisation (maximum 2 minutes plus 10 minutes preparation time). 40 marks


Unit G352: Composing 1 90 marks Teacher-assessed portfolio


Section A: The Language of Western Tonal Harmony: exercises (maximum seven) 45 marks


Section B: Instrumental Techniques (maximum length 3 minutes). 45 marks


Unit G353: Introduction to Historical Study in Music 90 marks Timed Examination Paper (1 hour 45 minutes + 15 minutes preparation time)


Section A: Aural Extract: one of • solo instrumental chamber or orchestral repertoire from the period 1700 to 1830 • popular instrumental music from 1900 to the present day 30 marks


Section B: Prescribed Works: two extracts • 18th/early 19th century Orchestra • Jazz 1920 to 1960. 40 marks


Section C: Contextual Awareness: one question from three 20 marks 10


A2 Units


Unit G354: Performing Music 2 (Interpretation) 120 marks OCR-assessed Practical Examination (visiting examiner)


Section A: Recital: solo, ensemble or accompanying (maximum 15 minutes) 100 marks Section B: Viva voce: interpretative understanding (approximately 5 minutes) 20 marks


Unit G355: Composing 2 90 marks Teacher-assessed portfolio


Section A: Stylistic Techniques: exercises (maximum 8) based on one of: • two-part counterpoint of the late 16th century


• two-part Baroque counterpoint • chorale harmonisations in the style of J.S. Bach


• string quartets in the Classical style


• keyboard accompaniments in early Romantic style


• popular song


• serialism


• minimalism


45 marks


Section B: Composition: one of:


• vocal setting of a text (maximum 120 words or 4 stanzas)


• instrumental interpretation of a programme (maximum 4 minutes)


• music for film/TV (maximum 4 minutes) 45 marks


Unit G356: Historical and Analytical Studies in Music 90 marks Timed Examination Paper (1 hour 45 minutes + 15 minutes preparation time)


Section A: Aural extract: accompanied vocal music 1900 to 1945 40 marks


Section B: Historical Topics: two questions from three on one of six topics:


• Song


• Programme Music


• Music for Screen


• Music and Belief


• Music for the Stage


• Post-1945 Popular Music. 50 marks



Recommended textbook

Huw Ellis-Williams, Maria Johnson & Susan Roberts. OCR AS and A Level Music Study Guide. Rhinegold Education, 2017 – ISBN: 9781785581625.


Technical Requirements:

• reliable broadband connection.

• Main Instrument/ voice.

• Means of recording performances (the recording function on smart phones/tablets should suffice

but a microphone or recording device would be even better).

• Means of recording composition e.g. manuscript paper, music software (notation software / DAW

/ sequencer, etc.), audio recording accompanied by written account

Progression: to A Level Music

Accreditation: Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations (OCR).

Tuition: 2 x LIVE weekly 1 hour lessons, marking and feedback, exam preparation and lots of

friendly advice and encouragement


NOTE: It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to arrange their examinations. It is possible to sit Music examinations at centres in London, Manchester and Coventry and perhaps at your local school or college.






Head of Music - Mr. Gazard

Mr. Gazard teaches A Level Music at the best online school in the UK
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